AGRICO GROUP LTD specializes in the development and promotion of agricultural supplies and is dedicated to providing superior products and services for a sustainable agriculture in Eastern Europe, Caucasus region, Russian Federation, ex Soviet countries in Central Asia and Central and South America.


We deliver products and services that meet the needs of our customers and help farmers for higher crop yields.

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We develop and market:

  • Plant Protection Products
  • Seeds
  • Specialty Fertilizers, and
  • Public Health Products.

Our long experience in development, marketing and customer focus solutions, make AGRICO GROUP LTD the preferred partner for both, our international partners and our local customers in each country of our area.

In AGRICO GROUP LTD we combine the power of experience and knowledge with the excellence of the quality and cost effectiveness of our products and services, focusing on total quality customer solutions in agriculture.

AGRICO GROUP LTD is your reliable partner

About the company:

AGRICO GROUP LTD was established in 2000 with the aim of developing the market of agricultural supplies in specific international areas.

The company has its headquarters and warehouse facilities in Plovdiv Bulgaria, for the Balkans and Caucasus region, respectively in Buenos Aires for the South and Central American region

We have subsidiaries and joint ventures

AGRICO GROUP LTD has gradually become a significant and reliable partner of its international co-operators and local customers.

The thorough knowledge of the market, which is a result of detailed studies and research, enables AGRICO GROUP LTD to develop a feasible and realistic business plan meeting the changing needs and the potential of agriculture in each country.

We support food production with responsible care towards the environment in accordance with current EU legislation.

We are committed to providing products and services supporting a sustainable agriculture.
We are seeking to expand our activities in new, promising markets in our area, enhancing value to our customers and partners.

AGRICO GROUP LTD is your first choice in partnering for the future.


Effective development:

The constant flow of information has forced people in the field of agriculture to follow an unprecedented pace.

Customers and suppliers are acting accordingly, and their demands are changing quickly.

Agility and flexibility are the cornerstones of the company's management and are valued as much as performance and efficiency.

Although being efficient does not always consort with being flexible, in AGRICO GROUP LTD we are being efficient with what we need to do today, adopting at the same time to the requirements of tomorrow.

Competitive Advantages:

  • innovative and high quality products (agricultural supplies).
  • ability to adapt to changes
  • ability to implement successful collaborative partnerships
  • improved customer services
  • improved sourcing and supply chain management
  • cross cultural experience


International cooperators

  • Spies Urania Germany
  • Makhteshim Agan Israel
  • Isagro Italy
  • Sinon Taiwan
  • Indofil India
  • Sulphur Mills India

We have our production facility in China through Joint Venture of our local Subsidiary: Agro invent LTD – Hong Kong

We enjoy our financial stability and securing our cash flows through our financial arm and joint venture in Switzerland.

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